PORRóN club

porron club

AS A MEMBER of the Porrón Club you will receive 1-2 "Porrón friendly" wines for $20-$40, hand selected by me every month! All the wines are sourced from small producers & wine makers who use "natural" methods, (meaning little to no intervention during the wine-making process, and an all organic approach to the vineyard). These wines will always have a story & finesse (so  you can drink them out of your fancy Zalto glasses if you prefer) but most importantly they are meant to be enjoyed immediately.


  • 1-2 badass wines per month
  • 20% off re-orders
  • Bragging rights

A PORRÓN is a traditional Spanish wine vessel dating back centuries. It was originally made of clay to transport wine. It quickly became a way to share the same wine without drinking out of the same glass.You use the small spout to pour wine directly into your mouth, so no wine glass needed. And, for flair, if done properly, it should be poured from a high distance. (Check out #howtoporron for examples.) The Porrón encourages community, and of course, a good time. So pass the Porrón around!