Winner, Winner, Prime Rib Dinner

Top 5 Reasons You Don't Need To Cook This Holiday! Nah, JK. Instead of shoving another "Top 5" post down your throat, I'm just going to give it to you straight: All I want to do is drink wine with friends & family during the Holidays. There is nothing worse than stressin' you won't get your fair share of that kick-ass magnum you brought because you were too busy slaving over a hot stove. Also, (if you are like me) you like to pretend you can cook 5-course meals that look like an Emma K. Morris photoshoot, but in reality left over Chinese food, Barilla pasta, or just chugging Champagne often constitutes dinner. 

Like the knights in shining tin foil they are, Whole Foods Market (has once again) saved my ass. Their Holiday Meals are pre-cooked, and pre-cooked well. So instead of burning boobs and hollandaise in a frenzy Mrs. Doubtfire Style, I can just re-heat and plate up right from the beginning. And they have a really great wine selection; (Let's hear it for one stop shopping!) It's rad to see producers I respect available at a local grocery store. I picked 3 different wines from their selection to pair with their Prime Rib dinner. If Prime Rib was always this easy, I would eat it every damn day.

whole foods wine pairings

For starters I went with (shocker) a Spanish wine. Bodegas del Palacio de Fefiñanes is one of my favorite "every-day" Albariños, so I was pretty pumped to find it at Whole Foods. If you don't know Albariño, it's a perfect food wine because: Texture. Also the acidity cut through our side of creamed spinach like a Hattori Hanzo sword through The Crazy 88. 


I chose the Wind Gap Syrah as my OTP. I friggin' love this wine, it tastes like crushed peppercorns, wild herbs, and fermenting huckleberries. It was practically made for this Prime Rib. Plus it's local, (Sonoma Coast) and you gotta support the home team! #DrinkCAwine


The J. Lassalle Brut Champagne is a delicate, floral angel from wine-heaven; it's the perfect way to end a huge dinner like this. Plus who cares about pie anyway when you've got bubbles? Champagne for dessert! ...And breakfast, and lunch...and for President.


WINES: Bodegas del Palacio de Fefiñanes Albariño $26, Wind Gap Sonoma Coast Syrah $42 & J. Lassalle Brut Champagne $45

PAIRING: Whole Foods Holiday Meal $200 - Prime Rib edition: Salt & Pepper Prime Rib Roast with Green Peppercorn Sauce, Creamed Spinach + Kale, Roasted Fingerling Potatoes, & Maple Roasted Brussel Sprouts.

SOURCE: Whole Foods Market in Napa, CA