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Most people pair food with wine. I like to pair wine with vibes, location, music, weather and friends. I think there is a time and place where a bottle of wine shines its brightest. All these factors come into play for me. It's like this: When it's 100 degrees out, you don't want a hot cup of Joe, you want to be by a large body of water with some spritzy, ice cold Txakoli. When you're listening to Billie Holiday you want something elegant yet troubled like a Trousseau Gris. When you are with your best friend watching trashy girly television you want a slightly slutty, over-emotional Zinfandel. 

The bottom line is, just like art, wine is subjective. It is a very literal thing that is open to interpretation. So don't put baby in a box (or corner), and try enjoying wine outside the confines of the dinnertable. Try it in a lifestyle format.  

My new favorite pairing: Manzanilla Jerez with the Rolling Stones record Let it Bleed.