Top 5 Netflix + Chill Accessories for Winter

netflix and chill wine

Get your head out of the gutter kiddos. At my house, Netflix + Chill usually takes on the literal definition: DiGiorno and sweatpants. Listen, date night, sexy pumps and salad are for Summertime. But Winter? Winter is for binge watching shows you've seen a thousand times and overeating. 

Just like any other special occasion in your life, Netflix + Chill requires accessories too. So I felt the need to share with you my Top 5:

1. Sweats. Now I like to show "support for the team" so to speak, so I adorn my pizza sweatshirt. It really gets me in the mood. Check out Wild Fox for couture pizza attire. Yes, really. 

2. Wine. Now finding the right "pizza wine" is key. And since we are probably not making hand tossed, woodfire pizzas, I don't recommend opening that bottle of Conterno you have been holding onto. I love rustic wines with pizza, and the best value you can find is in Spanish wines. Specifically the red wines of Rioja. These wines are generally aged before release. A "Crianza" from Rioja has been aged at least one year in oak + one year in the bottle, and usually they won't run you more than $15. Check out Spanish Table for a wide selection.

3. Pizza. I highly suggest you call this one in. It's Netflix and Chill, after all. If you really want to roll out dough, that's on you. I say delivery is where it's at. And if it's not delivery... well, you know.

4. Face Mask. Much like the tomato juice in a bloody mary ("It's healthy!"), a facemask makes allowance for guzzling booze, airwaves and grease. My favorite right now is Caudalie's VinoPerfect. And not just because it's made from wine grapes, but because it makes you feel like Khaleesi afterwards.

5. Your Favorite Show. In this world of endless content, you can end up feeling guilty not starting that new show Twitter is all lit up about. But personally, I don't have the energy or emotional availability to get involved in another show. In winter, all my new shows are on hiatus. So when it comes down to it Arrested Development or Seinfeld never get old. Lately I've also been diggin' on The Dick Van Dyke show; sometimes it's comforting to know your favorite character's head won't get chopped off.