"The Vouvrito": A Comfortable Resolution

burrito and wine pairing

It's Monday. And not just any Monday; it's the first one of the year. The coldest, and most depressing of all Mondays. Now I know everyone is talkin' that resolution game; get fit, less booze, better person, blah-blah-blah. But today relaxation trumped all that noise. The stress of the holidays knocked all of my inspired cooking endeavors out of me, so for dinner I looked to my beloved Azteca Market; the best Mexican in "the Valley". 

The problem was, even with Mexican food, I (duh) still wanted wine. Messy burritos and wine aren't quite a famous duo. (Especially, if you are like me, and practically dump an entire bottle of Tapatio on top.) So what wine do you pair with a spicy chicken burrito? *Digs through wine fridge* Vouvray to the rescue! Vouvray is the perfect counterpart. It's got great texture to hold up to the avocado, beans and rice, and a *touch* of residual sugar to balance the spice. They are practically Oscar and Felix.

So instead of beating yourself up over a (most definitely) doomed resolution, set yourself up for success, and choose comfort. Order a greasy burrito, pop open some Chenin Blanc, and don't be sorry. Trust me, you won't be.

WINE: 2014 Champalou Vouvray. An off-dry Loire Valley white made from Chenin Blanc grapes. 

GRUB: Azteca Market, St. Helena, CA

SOURCE: Kermit Lynch, Berkeley, CA