Rubble or Terroir?

Wine and music pairings

Both these things make me want to dance. And not in a cute, choreographed way either; in a head banging, jumping on the bed in my underwear & a dirty t-shirt kinda way. Now, these indie pop-rock consumables are not for everyone; both the wine and band have been called "spazzy", "astringent" and "offbeat". Indeed they are eclectic, with brassy high notes and funky undertones. But experimentation is inspiring, so get with the times guys. Shake things up. Even if it isn't your cup of tea you gotta give it a shot, because what seems like noise now, might end up being Pavarotti later. Rubble is the aftermath of an explosion, and eventually it all becomes terroir. 


WINE: 2014 Susucaru Etna Rosato, is a rosé made by Frank Cornelissen, "The Mad Scientist" from Mount Etna, Sicily. This wine is made from indigenous varieties Malvasia, Moscadella, Cattaratto, Nerello Mascalese and is made by blending both the white and red grapes together, with full skin contact fermentation. This is not the norm for rosé. It is also made completely natural from vine to bottle; no additives, preservatives, fining or filtering, and its cloudy color speaks to that. Susucaru tastes like pine needles, orange rind, chalk, raspberry-tang and dried roses all fermenting together in a bucket. You can drink this rosé year-round.  

TUNAGE: Rubblebucket, an indie-dance band from Brooklyn. This album is their Survival Sounds LP.

SOURCE: Biondovino Wine Boutique, San Francisco, CA