I'm a Pepper

vini rabasco cancelli

The Best of Bread = old school and sappy. Vini Rabasco "Cancelli" = edgy and sexy. So why does this pairing work? Let me put it this way: What if you could have the tough guy on the motorcycle AND the sensitive guitar man? You may roll your eyes in front of your friends at the sound of "Baby, I'm A Want You", but you know that a part of you is being seduced. This rough and tumble red may be a bit gruff at first, but you know a part of you is intrigued. These two bring out the best in each other; so you can definitely take this pairing home to your parents. 

WINE: Vini Rabasco Vino Rosso "Cancelli" is an all natural, medium bodied, rustic-Italian wine made from the Montepulciano grape in Abruzzo, Italy. This wine tastes like a cigar dipped in Dr. Pepper; which is exactly what I imagine Bread's tour bus smelled like. 

TUNAGE: The Best of Bread on Vinyl, purchased from Dave's Record Shop in Berkeley.

SOURCE: Biondovino Wine Boutique, San Francsico, CA