I Drank A Wine Cooler And I Liked It


Forget slapping the bag: boxed and canned wines are rapidly emerging as an acceptably classy mechanism for insobriety.

TBH, I am not a wine cooler kinda gal; I like to keep my alcohol and flavor additives separate. Perhaps the many cringe-worthy memories I have surrounding Smirnoff Ice as a teen helped to solidify this aversion. Ramona has changed this:

I like it. I like it a lot. 

And not just for its snazzy label (which makes me nostalgic for a time I didn't actually live through), I love it because it's thoughtful and playful at once. It is made from all organic Zibibbo grapes from Sicily. Ramona is a wine...cooler (SORRY, I couldn't help it). For the days we don't want wine, and we don't want beer, we have sommelier (and Momofuku beverage director) Jordan Salcito to thank for bringing wine coolers back, the right way. Wine snobs around the world will now have to accept that good wine products can come in any container.  

WINE (COOLER): Ramona Pink Grapefruit Wine Cooler. Summer come quick! The Ramona wine cooler is a beach day in a can; it's refreshing AF. Grapefruit pith, melon, sweet raspberries and a touch of fizz. 

PAIRING: I highly recommend Ramona with fruit of all kinds, the B-52's, a sun burn, and sand in all your crevices. Really, though, is it summer yet?

SOURCE: Ramona can be found at Little Vine in SF or Crush Wine & Spirits in NYC.