Hot Beats - Hot Juice


Sadly, (until now) Zappa had been left unexplored in my world of musical taste. But when a grumpy record shop owner, (à la High Fidelity) mumbles "good choice", you very quickly hop on the Zappa train, and pretend you've always been there. And how jazzed I am to be here! The Hot Rats record is dirty, funky goodness, so I had to pair it with the Raiz Branco. Both are experimental forces to be reckoned with; they confuse and delight the senses with chewy texture, popping floral notes and gritty licks. 

WINE: 2015 Raiz Branco is a Portuguese white "field blend" with the Loureiro grape holding sway. When I (and probably you, too) think of white wines from Portugal, I think Vinho Verde: vibrant, clean & simple. This wine is vibrant to be sure, with high toned orange and peach blossoms. But it also gets down & dirty; skin contact and aging on the lees in concrete allow for a wild, raw temperament. Raiz is helping to pave the way for more beat winemaking like this in Portugal that I hope continues. 

TUNAGE: Hot Rats by Frank Zappa. I don't always know what I'm looking for when I walk into Dave's record store, but I always walk out with something I definitely need

SOURCE: This wine is fresh off the boat from our good friends at Soil Expedition Co. They just brought this and many more avant-garde gems over from the homeland, so get on this train now!