En Garde: I'll Let You Try My Wei Chi Style

Wu-Tang and Wine

It just wouldn't be right to pair this bottle with anything other than Wu-Tang, because winemaker Erin Pooley is a wine ninja. Her white wine "Wei Chi" is a Sémillon from Lake County (and what's more gangster than California Sémillon?). Wei Chi is known as a game of "surrounding chess" (which is already perfect) but the philosophy behind this actually comes from an ancient Chinese text (I Ching) that depicts a constant state of change. Apropos; wine is an ever evolving expression. It is especially relevant in California where the world of wine is exploding with potentiality: new varietals, new techniques and new talent. The Sémillion grape has gained traction in California over the years thanks to folk like Kalin Cellars, Saxon Brown and most recently Dirty and Rowdy. However in Erin's home country of Australia, single varietal bottlings have been produced since the 1830's under the alias: "Hunter Valley Riesling" AKA "Rhine Gold" AKA "Ticallion Stallion"... wait... Method Man, is that you? 

Winemakers like Erin are bringin' da mother f'n ruckus. And it's delicious. So bring it on.

WINE: 2013 Wei Chi Sémillion from the Luchsinger Vineyard in Lake County, CA. The wine has a fat mouth feel, nice acid and notes of beeswax, lemon zest and pine nuts. Great food wine. Just trust me on this one guys. Go buy it.

TUNAGE: Wu-Tang Clan, Enter the Wu-Tang album. 

SOURCE: Wei Chi Wines, from Erin herself. Thanks lady!