Darling Nikki


If this wine could wink at you it would, right after biting its lower lip. The Sorgasme is a blend of Vermentino, Viognier and Ugni Blanc grapes with a touch of skin contact (cheesy innuendo intended). It's electric, feminine, lush, edgy, and it knows what it wants. As you can see from the label this wine is not shy, therefore it had to be paired with one of the sexiest songs I know. After realizing how many sexy songs I know & love, I resolved to take you through the strip tease that is drinking this wine with a good ol' fashioned mix tape:  

1. Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog" This is the moment the wine walks into your life; hair blown’ in the wind à la Cindy Crawford in her prime, you are taken with its appearance. It’s unapologetic; and you can’t deny the sex appeal.

2. "Spooky Girlfriend" by Elvis Costello Now that you've bought in, foreplay has begun; you’ve had your first sip and you are quickly discovering this chick is a little crazy, but you like it…

3. "Gooey" by Glass Animals. This song oozes pure sex. It's less about the lyrics (there's no need for dirty talk now) and more about the sound, which has an animalistic texture, just like the mid palate on this wine.  

4. And for the climax, "Darling Nikki". This song paired with the last few salty drops of this wine is enough to make even Victoria blather her secret all around town; because she just can't hold it in anymore.


WINE: La Sorgasme by the La Sorga wine negotiant company in Languedoc, France. The vines used to make this wine are all natural, and have been been around the block a couple times. This wine has brilliant, racy acid and luscious depth, with this wine it taste like the first time, every time.  

TUNAGE: "Black Dog" by Led Zeppelin, "Spooky Girlfriend" by Elvis Costello, "Gooey" by Glass Animals, and "Darling Nikki" by the one and only Prince. 

BONUS PAIRING: This wine definitely tastes better in lingerie, or your birthday suit. 

SOURCE: I bought this wine at a sultry little wine bar in Barcelona called Bar Brutal.