A Wine Pairing for Gen X

wine and music pairing

There are some days when "meh" pretty much sums it up. Atmosphere is key for me on days like this. So, when you're feeling especially Daria-like, here are some instructions to temper the angst:

First, throw something irreverent on the turn table. My go-to is Alvvays for it's Gen-X temperament; their monotone pop-rock vibe sets the perfect backdrop. But don't play it too loud, in order to fully indulge in your sulk. 

Next, slip into a bottle of Hervé Villemade Bovin Rouge. This wine is funky Loire Valley perfection; soft on the palate with notes of red peppercorn, graphite, autumn and raspberries. It's interesting, but not complicated, because you don't want to care THAT much. Oh, and it's in litre form, because: WINE. 


If you're lucky, it's raining on a day like this, so maybe cozy attire is in order. And, maybe you'll drink the whole bottle. 


WINE: 2014 Hervé Villemade Bovin Rouge. An all natural Loire Valley wine made from Gamay grapes. 

TUNEAGE: Alvvays

SOURCE: Bay Grape