A Whole Lotta Right

pairing wine with tv shows

There may not be anything quite as "right" as opening a really nice bottle of wine on a Tuesday night with some take out. Sometimes you don't need to THINK so much about it. 

In the wine world it can seem as though every little detail about the wine you're drinking must be profiled, categorized, and decisively paired with a dish equally as complex.  But dotting the "i"s and paying your taxes can be tedious.  Every once in a while it's nice to ignore the rules and do what feels good. And sometimes what feels good is opening a bottle of Olga Raffult Chinon 1989 alone in your hotel room with some take out pizza, and watching Seinfeld. That's a damn good pairing if you ask me. 

WINE: 1989 Olga Raffault Chinon

THE TUBE: Seinfeld, the "Bizzaro Jerry" episode.

SOURCE: Domaine Somm